Saturday October 2 (Kiwanis Colour Cribbage Ride, Bloomfield)

On Saturday October 2nd, the Kiwanis Colour Cribbage Ride will happen in Bloomfield if anyone is interested. It’s a bicycle tour of Prince Edward County benefitting Kiwanis Kids projects. The entrance fee is $45 (includes lunch). More information can be found here.
Kiwanis Colour Cribbage Ride


  1. I did this ride last year and it was great fun. Hooked up with some other riders and we worked together well. Real flat with a few very small hills but at times windy. There was a person standing at more important corners pointing the way so you would get lost. The 50 K ride was changed at the last minute to a 60 K ride. That is what I did last year and hope to again.

    • Thanks Ken for that comment as I was just discussing doing this with my wife who is a more casual short distant, not to hilly rider. She agreed to do it.

      • John Howe
        The 60 K ride is still a workout but it isn’t a race. The nice thing is the lack of traffic. If you have ever been down by the Sand Banks Provicial Park that it the type of roads. The finish is in Picton with a little traffic but you are surrounded by other bikes. Lunch last year was all you can eat Subs by Subway, Home made salads, coffee etc. The prizes were real good as well.


    I found this GPS map of last years 100K.
    So Flat down there. (Relative to a lake).
    It is so flat you won’t even feel it in your legs on Sunday.
    I may take the single speed.
    Room for four more bikes and people in the Van, if anyone would like to go.
    Bring a Camera. There is a lot of nice scenery in the PEC.

  3. so far the weather is looking good for this ride. with no rain in the forcast about 13 to 15c . The way the cribbage works if you don’t play is people who do play deal the cards and help you make the best hand. The one with the highest hand gets first pick of the prises second gets 2nd and so on so it is even for everyone.

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