Sharon Lynn-Weese will ride 941km for the Canadian Tree Fund

Fellow NHCC member Sharon Lynn Weese is doing her part for the environment in Canada by taking part in a 941km bike ride, the Tour des Trees to raise funds for the Canadian Tree Fund. She’s made a $3500 commitment for the cause and only three weeks remain to raise funds. Can we, as fellow club members show our support and help her out with some pledges? Every little bit helps. Once she reaches her goal she’ll be able to sleep again at night 🙂

One Tree = One Ton of Carbon Reduction.

The Problem:
Trees are being destroyed at an alarming rate due to climate change, pollution, neglect, invasive insects and diseases. Entire species of trees are being removed from our neighbourhoods. For example the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has laid bare many streets in Toronto and has worked its way to Oshawa as it heads east. It’s only a matter of time before the EAB reaches Cobourg and other communities where it will kill hundreds of Ash Trees.

How is Sharon helping?
This August she is combining her love of cycling with her love for trees and the great outdoors by cycling 585 miles (941 km) through Oregon with the Tour des Trees to raise money for The Canadian TREE Fund. The Canadian TREE Fund promotes the benefits of trees and professional tree care by providing funding for research and education.

How can you help?
By sponsoring Sharon. To participate in the Tour des Trees Sharon must raise a minimum of $3500.00.

DONATE ONLINE: Sponsor Sharon Lynn-Weese
DONATE BY CHEQUE: (made payable to the Canadian TREE Fund) Please mail to:
Sharon Lynn-Weese – 905 Otto Drive Cobourg Ontario K9A 5Y3

All donations will be listed in the annual Canadian TREE Funds Donor Recognition Brochure. Your generosity will be rewarded through one of the 4 donor recognition levels ranging from $10 to over $1,000. Awards vary from a Thank you Certificate to a beautiful Aluminium Sculpture provided by Hoselton Studios.

Thank you for your support! Please email or call Sharon if you have any questions (905) 372-4481. Or pass along the word to others you think would be interested in helping our TREES!

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