Skiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggg!!! Tuesday afternoon 2:00

We have snow! Dig out those skis and meet us at Beagle Club Trailhead for 2:00. There are a few routes to try, so we’ll make a consensus before heading out. There is a beginner trail if you are feeling a little apprehensive after those skis have sat motionless in the garage for so long. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy afterward.

Leave us a comment if you are coming so we know to expect you.

Date: Tuesday November 12
Coordinators: Anita and Randy
Start time: 2:00pm
Start Location: Beagle Club Trailhead


  1. I was out this morning…beautiful snow conditions but be aware that there are people and dogs trampling the trails until December 1st!!! Dog poop too. You may also want to think about waxing as my skis collected ice on the bottom even though I think I had the correct wax…only three falls😏

  2. Hey Bill, plan is to meet at 230 unless Maria is done work a bit earlier. Send me your cell# to my phone and I will confirm tomorrow.289-251-0322

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