SPECIAL EVENT Thursday July 12th: Ride to Presqu’ile, Picnic/Swim

On this Thursday, July 12th the ride will be a little different. We’ll ride to Presqu’ile Park where we can have a picnic and a swim before heading back. The total distance would result in approximately 90km. But if you are a little leary of that kind of distance don’t be—it’s a flat route, easy riding, and we’ll travel at various paces to accommodate. If you ride the hills around here, this will feel really easy in comparison (just longer). We promise the weather will be sunny and warm!

Paul’s wife Jill has kindly offered to drive down there with our beach towels, coolers, etc. which means you don’t have to worry about transporting your stuff, you just ride for the fun! How cool is that?

The park entrance fee is $2 so bring a couple of bucks with you to cover that, please.

Start time: 9:00 (Arrive at park for 8:45 to load car)
Start location: Donegan Park

Please comment below if you are planning to attend so that Paul and Jill can make their necessary arrangements for the vehicle etc.


  1. I absolutely will be riding! Sounds great! Thanks Jill for volunteering to take our stuff to Presquile:)

  2. Sounds great! I am in for ride and swim. Thanks Paul and Jill. I do have to be home by 3:30 to pick up Tim in Port Hope. Since it will be hot any one want to leave at 8:30am? Also where should we start?

    • Vivian, I can leave early – 8:30 is OK or even earlier if you wish.

      Would you like to meet at Denagan Park by 8:30 or elsewhere?


      • As I have to give Jill my bag I can’t leave before that is done may as well leave it until 9am, also I am cycling to Presquile and back.

    • Oops, I forgot to mention, I’ll be picking up a sub in Brighton. I don’t want to drag my lunch along (Paul’s wife may not be there by the time we leave). I am bringing my day pack so I can carry a few bulky items for you if you wish.

      My home # is (905) 373-0321 if you need to discuss anything.


  3. I plan to ride.
    Jill will have our car in Donegan Park by 8 45 for loading.She will proceed to the Day use area at Presqu’ile for the picnic.

  4. i’ve entered the start time and location……kinda helps, doesn’t it? 🙂
    Randy and I will not be there because we will be in Algonquin Park. Sounds like a lot of fun though! Have fun, everyone!

  5. I plan to ride. I rode this twice last year and they didn’t charge an entrance fee. I guess they need the money.
    Thanks Jill…..I’ll make sure my towel and picnic lunch don’t take up to much space in your car :o)

    • Not sure yet if I’ll be able to ride but maybe the $2 should go to Jill for the gas and the park entrance fee for her car…I have never had to pay to enter the park by bike.

      • Also, if you have water shoes, the the day use area often has much better swimming than the beaches, which, depending on the wind direction, can be a bit yucky.

  6. I’m a bit worried about the distance as it’s about 10km more than I’ve ever tried but I’ll be there under the assumption that lunch and a swim will be reinvigorating enough to get me home 🙂 Thanks for driving the car Jill! Nothing sucks the life out of me quite like riding with a back pack.


  7. I will be riding! However! Just getting back on the saddle from a hyper-extended hamstring, I will be only going to Coleburn. How do you spell that? Collburn? Any who! Besides it’s my b-day on Thursday, (the big 50), I have alot of guests coming through out the day. I would consider leaving at 8:30 like I had read in the comments. Sounds like a good turn out and a great way to start a weekend. If anyone wants to leave around 8:30 let me know, leave a reply. Cheers all!

    • I am going the whole distance to Presquile so I need to give Jill my bag at 8:45 so I will leave at 9am

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