Subscribing to the NHCC website

Hello All,
I’ve been asked about subscribing to the website so I thought I’d provide a little clarification. If you haven’t been receiving emails about new rides, chances are you’ve not subscribed in the right place.

There are two different types of subscription.

  1. Subscribe to Comments To receive notification of all new follow-up comments people make to the Post that you are reading. This is activated by selecting “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” at the bottom of all the comments This notifies you only of new comments, and will not notify you of new posts (i.e. new rides that are posted)
  2. Subscribe to the Blog To receive notifications of new Posts by email. By signing up, you will have an email delivered right to your inbox whenever a new ride is posted. You won’t receive notification of comments made to the Post unless you choose that option too.

How to Subscribe to the blog:
-Look at the top right hand column: there’s an area that says “Subscribe here”
-Provide your Email address and click “Sign Me Up!” and Voila! You will receive email notifications of new rides as they are posted.

Hope this helps!

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