Sunday July 18th Ride from Bewdley (47k or 36k choices)

A ride in the Rice Lake area for this coming Sunday has been proposed. This route starts and ends in Bewdley and is a lovely route that takes riders through Harwood. It’s 47k but for those interested in going a little shorter, there’s a “shortcut” available to make it 36k. Page 1 of the route information describes how to shorten it to 36k.

Looking to go really long? How about 106k?
There may be a few looking for a real challenge. There’s a route that is 106k that also starts and ends in Bewdley. (although you won’t be with the main group of 47k riders)

Since the waterfront tends to become congested, how about meeting at the arena? Rhino’s Roadhouse presents an option for lunch after the ride for those who are interested.

47k or 36k: Link to the “Heavenly Harwood” route map

106k: Link to the Bewdley route map

Start time: 10:00


  1. This sounds like an excellent plan. I plan to ride the 47 km route, one that I really like. Parking at the arena (very easy to find and less than 1 km from the waterfront) is a good idea on a Sunday since, as you say, the waterfront can get very crowded.

    • Just finished the route around rice lake. I would be very willing to ride again.
      I will post it on our facebook page maybe others would like to ride. We have some looking for a more relaxed pace.

      County road 24 was under construction and we avoided it. Straight up 45 NOt too bad on a Sunday but sill a little unnerving.
      Straight along County 9 and 29 then North at Warkworth is an alternative if necessary.

  2. I will ride out from Baltimore. If I am late don’t wait as I will catch up on Cavan Road.
    If you don’t see me at ll don’t worry as this is not absolute yet.
    Have a great ride and don’t forget to water up in Harwood.

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