Sunday July 29th: Route Suggestion Needed

If it seems a little freestylish with routes this week, that’s because some of the usual suspects who do the organizing are out on a cycling vacation. So, just like Thursday, we’re leaving it up to the membership to share their favourite route ideas and a route should emerge. If you have a route in mind, let the others know by making a comment. Then we all meet at Donegan Park everyone can head out together and discover!

Start time: 9am
Start location: Donegan Park

No better time than now to start the conversation…….c’mon, throw your ideas out there!


  1. 9am at donegan is going to put you right in the middle of the triathlon with runners on lakeshore and cyclists on perry/darcy/king …just a heads up!

  2. Brendan & Heather and I had a great ride tonight, that we thought we’d throw out as a possibility for Sunday (to avoid Donegan) or some other time. We did a variation of Brian Hedney’s Beautiful Bewdley [except started at Gilmer’s…some other changes were going across on Donaldson to Cavan (great new hills and views ! ) and stayed on Cavan until Canning (so I could go to the Canning/McBride lookout)] It is gorgeous, varied, very hilly and fun & we’d all 3 like to do it again. There are many options for shorter or less hilly variations…

  3. Marianne, Heather and myself just completed a terrific ride. It is hilly, but has tremendous views out to Rice Lake and Lake Ontario. It is a Hedney’s ride called ‘Beautiful Bewdley.’ We followed Cavan to West Rd, and then rode down Canning (Marianne’s idea). On the way back to Port Hope we followed Bethel Grove. It made for a nice 51km ride. Here is the link to the route map if you are interested. Cheers.

  4. Mr. Hedney is the man. Any one of his rides is worth the effort. Sorry I can’t be there, whatever you decide.

  5. How do we arrive at a ride? Vote? Someoen volunteers to be the ride leader. Or ad hoc. My preference would be for the Newcastle ride.

  6. Sorry about the rain I ordered for Thursday. Hopefully it’ll be ok tomorrow. I should be there barring bizarre intervention. I’m ok for either one but would prefer Newcastle. Shall we meet in PH?

  7. Hope to see everyone 9-9:30am @ the PH Town Hall. I don’t care where we ride as long as the legs are spinin’ πŸ™‚

    • Walter and I plan to join this ride, whatever it will be?!? Sounds like a Port Hope start. We will turn back early as we have an afternoon commitment in Toronto. πŸ™‚

  8. Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around. I have been very sick with food poisoning from a bag of mixed salad greens I bought at the farmers market. I’m just getting back in the saddle so Ken and I are going to ride to Colebourn. We are starting around 8:00-30ish. I hope to be with you all soon. Keep the rubber side down my freinds. Cheers!

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