Sunday July 4: Exploring Cobourg’s Nooks and Crannies

This is 23km exploration Slow Ride that’s pretty much flat as a pancake. We’ll weave in and out of all the less commonly travelled areas! Crushed limestone paths, bike paths, trails, side roads, detours. This is not about building mileage or speed….it’s about going where we go, seeing what we see, making some of it up as we go, looking at things, stopping and just discovering our own little town. Although there’s a general route in mind, we will hopefully veer off from time to time to see new things! Bring a few $$ in case we happen to find ice cream along the way.

Start time: 10:00am
Ride Planner: Randy Albon
Start location: Westwood Park (on Carlisle, between Westwood and Ewing)

Terrain: A
Pace: Slow (exploration pace!)
Type of ride: Group

RSVP: We need to know how many to expect (COVID gathering limits apply) You can RSVP two different ways.

  • Leave a comment right on the website to say you are coming, or
  • Visit the NHCC Ride Calendar, click on the ride you are interested in, then click RSVP . 


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