Sunday June 17th ride: (37, 55 or more km) Start time: 10:00am

Just like the Thursday ride—Heading out to Wicklow Beach and beyond then returning. Easy riding, so it’s a good opportunity to do some longer distance. The map shows about 37km but if you go into Colborne and back,  you’ll get about 55km. Or if you’re really enthusiastic, stretch it all the way out to Brighton. Please make sure you print out a map and bring it with you if you need it.

Several club members will be away this weekend, so it might be smaller numbers on this ride. It also means that many of the “usual” pack leaders will be away, so it’s time to see some new folks step in to take on that role! Wanna volunteer, anyone?

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route Map: Wicklow Beach and Back route map here
Ride Leader: To be determined (Volunteers?)

Please indicate if you are planning to ride and especially if you think you could be a pack leader.


  1. I’m riding but I’m going to Colbourn and I’m leaving around 8:00am. !. It’s father’s day. 2. I don’t want to be riding in the peek heat of the day. I want to be back by then. Any takers?

    • Hey…didn’t see this post until now. Did you ride at 8:00 a.m.? Anytime you or anyone want to do a ride early a.m. let me know. (my email is … I’ll get message). Sometimes it’s nice to go early before the heat and get back early too…so you have the rest of the day to spend with family etc.! 🙂

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