Sunday June 24: Ride from Port Hope (32km 52km or 75km)

Port Hope again… we go! Here are some options:

32km (Scenic/Leisurely Group):
Start at 10:00 at Home Hardware and go along the Lakeshore to Newtonville Rd and turn back.

52km (Regular Group):
Start at Home Hardware at 10:00 and follow the complete map.

75km (Non-stoppers):
Start at Canadian Tire in Cobourg at  9:15 and ride to meet the regular start group at 10:00 in Port Hope.

Start time: 10:00am (regular group) or 9:15 (75km group)
Start location: Gilmer’s Home Hardware
Route Map: Port Hope Lakeshore Route map here
Pack Leader (Non-stoppers): Volunteer needed
Pack Leader (Regular Group): Volunteer needed
Pack Leader (Scenic/Leisurely Group): Volunteer needed

Please indicate if you are planning to ride and where you will start from so others can plan too. If you are willing to volunteer to be a pack leader, please also make mention of it here. Thanks, everyone!


  1. Randy and I are going to ride. Don’t know yet whethernit will be 9:15 at Canadian Tire or 10 at Gilmers. Much depends on how early we wake up.

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