Test Ride the Greenbelt Route: Saturday May 10th

Greenbelt RouteThe Greenbelt Route is a signed bike route extending more than 460km across the Greenbelt, inspiring recreational cyclists to connect with and experience Greenbelt attractions—from nature, farming, food and rural towns—more often and more easily.

This May they are beta testing the route in order to gain important feedback from people like us. We have been invited to join the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and Waterfront Regeneration Trust in being one of the very first to ride the Greenbelt Route from Cobourg to Alderville in a Mobile Workshop taking place in our region on Saturday May 10th.

There is no requirement to cycle—we are welcome to attend for just the morning presentations if we like. We are encouraged however, to get on our bikes for whatever portion of the ride we wish—morning, afternoon, or a full day. They have full support to pick up you and your bike if you have had enough cycling for the day. Please note there is a $30 workshop registration fee (to the organizers, not to the NHCC) for participation, which includes breakfast and lunch.

Date: Saturday, May 10th
Time: 7am to 5pm
Cost: $30 Registration and more information at www.greenbeltcycles.com

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  1. I would so love to attend this but I have dragon boat testing on May 10. I may see if I can attend the Friday workshop and ride.

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