The big 100km Ride to Presqu’ile: Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let the planning begin! To make a full 100km, we depart Donegan Park at 9:00am, travel to Presqu’ile Park then continue all the way to the Lighthouse before returning. It’s a lovely, flattish route, ideal route for your first 100k. A lakeside lunch spot in Gosport is an ideal opportunity to break the ride into two parts. There will be two different speed groups (Non-Stoppers and First Timers), so pick the one that’s most suitable for you.

First-Timers: “Am I capable of the distance?”
“Flattish” means it’s easier, but some endurance is required. If you’re able to complete a 60km on some our regular hillier rides (with few stops) comfortably, then you can likely handle it. If you find that you typically struggle to keep up with the regular paced group on 40k rides, then we wouldn’t recommend it. If you just aren’t sure, talk to some experienced club members who would be happy to help you determine whether or not this ride is for you. Below are a few tips to ensure a successful and fun ride:

  • Plan to take a break for lunch
  • Have 2 bottles of water/gatorade on your bike
  • Hydrate well the day before. Drink at least 8 glasses of water!
  • Plan to drink about 1 bottle every 1-2 hours (re-fill Colborne and Brighton)
  • Carry some food in your pockets (granola bar, trail mix, or banana etc.)
  • Pace yourself and don’t go too fast. You have all day.
  • Spare tire, pump/CO2, patch kit, and tire levers are essential
  • Rest for two days prior. Don’t ride.
  • Have a cell-phone on hand

Nobody will be left behind. It’s not a race. Plan to take your time and enjoy. An experienced club member will accompany the first timers and will be available for support, encouragement and assistance.

Restaurant Reservations: Reservations will be made at the Harbourview Cafe in Gosport for 11:30–12:00 (Non-stoppers) and 12:30-1:00 (First Timers). Of course that estimated time of arrival can only be approximate.

Start Time: 9:00am
Start Location: Donegan Park
Route Map: Coming Soon

Please indicate below which group you plan to ride with and more importantly, if you are planning to have lunch at the Harbourview Cafe. We’ll need to know so that adequate reservations can be made.


  1. I live near Colborne, and would like to join the ride there. Where in Colborne do you meet? I am a new rider and will be riding with the slower group — I will bring a membership sheet with me. I would like to join the Harbourview Cafe lunch.

    • The ride will go up the newly paved street that comes out infron of the park by the Irish Pub.I would suggest that you be there by 10.15am.

      • I live east of Colborne (just past Salem church), north of number 2 at Bellamy/Ventress. I might wait by the side of the road, and be there by 10:30 or so – will this work? By the way I will ride with the easy group.

  2. Is it possible for family members be included in the reservation number? If so please include me and 3 others (a total of four). Hope it doesn’t rain on our ride.

    • Absolutely! Family and friends are more than welcome for the restaurant portion. The only thing that’s limited to club members only is the ride part. It won’t rain! (Repeat three times) 🙂

  3. The restaurant has been notified that 15–20 cyclists will trickle into their establishment as early as 11:30 or as late as 1:00. So no “reservation” exactly, but they are on notice.

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