The new shipment of NHCC jerseys has arrived!

Just arrived today! The newest shipment of the NHCC jerseys has arrived so now we have more variety of size and fit.  What’s different? Well, they all look the same, except now we have a limited number of Premium jerseys, both short and long-sleeved. All of our NHCC jerseys feature a full front zipper and three pockets in the back.  However, the Premium jerseys feature a reflective strip across the back pockets, two additional side pockets, silicone around the waistband, and hem-less sleeves (on the short sleeved ones) for a light airy feel!  If we didn’t have a jersey in your size before, we do now!  By the way, the long sleeved ones are super snazzy—and we only ordered 6 for men, and 6 for women so you’ll need to act fast!  By the way, although they may sound pricey we sell them all at cost—no profit for us!

Prices (including HST):

  • $85 for Regular short-sleeves
  • $125 for Premium short-sleeves
  • $130 for Premium long-sleeves.

First come first served for size & selection! If you are interested, text us! 905 269-6815 or 905 376-8696

Just to demonstrate a few differences, we have a quick little video for you! (if the video doesn’t display below, please click on the YouTube link here: New shipment of jerseys has arrived.)

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