The NHCC AGM Summary

We had a fabulous AGM last night. Below is a summary of the content of the evening for those of you who might have missed it, or want to peruse it in greater depth. Thank you to everyone who came out for a great evening with friends!

The Somewhat Boring Business Portion

We made amendments to the By-Laws. We now have 5 directors instead of 4. The directors for 2013 shall be: Randy Albon, Paul Mills, Vivian Vandenhazel, Anita Macklin and the new director shall be Pamela Tate. Financially we now require 2 signatures on cheques that exceed $200. We also passed a motion to appoint an auditor.

The Year in Review Slideshow

The NHCC By the Numbers (Real short slideshow!)

Full Results of the Survey

  1. At any point in the season, which type of the club rides did you participate in? (You may choose more than one)

    Other Comments:

    • I have felt pressured to bike full out on some rides, as I am not as strong as most riders. I think the pace set by the group can be intimitading for cyclists, who want to get out for a pleasure ride.
    • The schedule is awesome. I just have to get better at planning ahead.
    • I did some earlier rides…maple syrup festival, a couple of early in the year rides
    • Enjoyed the different level/pace of rides to accomodate the different level/pace of various riders.
  2. How often did you participate in rides with the Club in 2012?

    Other Comments:

    • At least 10 rides since joining in July.
    • Illness and travel got in the way.
    • Would like to see more ride options over 50km and 9 a.m. start is good. Starting at 10:00 a.m. takes up too much of a Sunday. Could try some early morning Saturday rides (i.e. 8:00 a.m.) in the hot summer.
    • [This is Brian Hedney here] I rode in july, the only month it seems that I was home this year 🙂
  3. If you did NOT ride as often as you would have liked with the Club, why not?
    • Other commitments.
    • No fault of the clubs. Life just happens. To many roads, not enough time.
    • Scheduling conflicts for many. For some of the long distance rides, I felt that I would not be able to keep up with the group, especially with the fast pace and lack of breaks.
    • Busy summer schedule. 9 am Sunday start times too early
    • Was away for most of the summer and fall.
    • Vacation and illness.
    • Too slow. I felt like I was holding others up even though everyone was very kind.
    • Working.
    • Too busy with other things, timing always seems to be an issue.
    • Weather, other commitments.
    • Too many ‘easy’ rides. How about at least one day per mid-week of accomodating those that would like to ride at a more steady pace and/or longer?
    • Never home!
    • Doing other things during the rides I would have gone on, or had done some other riding that week with friends not in the club.
    • Other obligations.
    • Had lots of out of town company.
    • Too many other things going on over the summer.
    • Scheduling conflicts were the main reason for not getting out as often as I wished.
    • Other commitments.
    • Worries about keeping up with the group or holding up members who would have to stay behind kept me from riding with the group as often as I would have liked.
    • Never enough time.
    • My schedule didn’t permit.
    • Can’t dedicate enough time to cycling to be as fit (fast) as others – don’t like holding up group or being dropped on Thurs/Sun rides – but enjoy the distance.
    • Other club rides or events.
    • Bad weather or conflicts with other obligations.
  4. What types of rides would you participate more in if they were available?
    • Rides with social gathering at end, i.e. a beer, dinner, swim and picnic.
    • Possibly we could throw in some Saturdy rides.
    • Port Hope rides.
    • Recreational rides and long distance rides, knowing that I would not be holding up the stronger cyclists who need to keep their pace. How about developing a system to log members’ time using their bikes for active transportations outside scheduled rides? This would encourage members to cycle for daily activities in town, as well as for the road rides.
    • Flatter rides (lol) Additional evening rides Saturday morning rides.
    • Medium length rides which, for me, means 30-50 km with not too many hills at the beginning of the season but working up to more as the summer progresses.
    • Monday, Wednesday evening rides, Thursday rides.
    • Like the Sunday a.m.
    • LSD – Long slow distance. I like improving my distance and my ability on hills so I just need to consistently get out there.
    • Saturday rides.
    • In-town with ice cream stop at the end.
    • Saturday rides, early morning rides, mountain bike trail rides.
    • Novice speed rides that aren’t too far – I know I could go on the other rides and find someone else who doesn’t want to go the whole distance/wants to go slower, but I don’t know if there will be anyone else wanting the same.
    • I’m hoping to participate more often next year in the rides offered. I really don’t think the format needs to change.
    • Long distance medium paced.
    • Time trials. Long 100k+ rides.
    • I would like to do more Sunday rides but my fitness level is not yet high enough.
    • I was happy with the variety available.
    • Moderate pace, with some stops on Thurs/Sun.
    • No change.
    • Long, fast and hard.
    • More of the same!
  5. What do you like Most about the Club?
    • Good people and a variety of ride days.
    • Excellent web site. Always lots of information about upcoming rides and events.
    • Casual approach.
    • Other cyclists are welcoming; and despite my perceptions, I did not feel judged by other cyclists. Some of the ride leaders were very encouraging which made me feel like coming out more. I love cycling and value the health benefits. I would not get out to ride as often, or possibly not at all, if organized rides were not available. Kudos to the organizers of the NHCC rides!!!
    • The recreational nature of the club. Learning from others about cycling and the rules of road.
    • The friendliness of the club members The types of rides it does and the scope of its activities.
    • The people and the all-inclusive, supportive and encouraging attitude.
    • Very friendly, helpful and encouraging members.
    • Very organized. Caters to a variety of rider interests. Website.
    • The friendly atmosphere and the incredible organization. Yeah for the executive and club members who have helped out.
    • Riding with a group; learning about cycling experiences from other cyclists.
    • Group rides.
    • The group long rides.
    • Riding, social interaction.
    • The friendly people and willingness to grow and change.
    • Great people.
    • Very welcoming, well-organized, always enjoy rides that I do go on.
    • Riding.
    • Proximity to home (Cobourg) so I don’t have to drive to get to the starting point.
    • Meeting new people who also like cycling for at least a couple of hours at a time.
    • Most of the people. The Pres. and VP.
    • The number of options and the encouragement, the social aspects and the experience other members are willing to share.
    • Comeraderie, no pressure to perform.
    • The people.
    • The people, well organized, and good communications.
    • Riding with a variey of cyclists and routes. Thursday morning rides when the country roads are quiet.
    • Friendliness of members, organization and communication of rides.
    • Variety of rides in terms of difficulty and length and the people!
  6. What did you like least about our Club?
    • Nothing really comes to mind.
    • In summer I would have preferred that Thursday and Sunday not be identical routes.
    • Sometimes rides had too many stops and I would find it hard to start up again.
    • The way we start out as a group and then even though there is supposed to be three groups by the end of the ride everyone is comletely scattered.
    • The tempo seemed too slow.
    • Most rides were fine, but on some occasions I felt pressured to keep up, and did not enjoy the ride as much. Every individual has different levels of performance and on any given day, it is different for me. We have good days, and bad days.
    • Lower than expected turn outs sometimes. Lack of organization during some rides.
    • A lot of repetitive rides close together.
    • Nothing.
    • Too many different ride routes requiring constant referal to maps and safety is compromised because of lack of familiarity with road conditions. New riders need to be more comfortable with the route they are riding.
    • NA
    • Don’t always have a ride leader.
    • The longer rides are always on sundays…worst day for me.
    • Didn’t always do a good job accommodating slower riders.
    • Not enough ‘social’ get-togethers after a ride as does the Ganaraska Freewheelers. How about every couple weeks an early morning ride followed by a coffe and/or brunch?
    • I think you are doing an awesome job!
    • Most of the rides out of Cobourg. This is a County-wide club. Does not support faster riders (racing).
    • The not being able to keep up and the feeling of pressure I felt to really push myself to keep up.
    • Can’t think of anything.
    • Nothing I can think of.
    • No complaints !!
    • Really can’t think of anything!
  7. What changes would most improve our Cycling Club?
    • Involving ourselves community activities like charity rides perhaps, or over night rides for example Prince Edward county, or Niagara.
    • Allow riders to ride in groups with similar speeds.
    • I am new to the club and cycling this year. I am still a little unsure about proper cycling etiquette. I first started keeping up with the ride leader and then was often passed buy faster riders so I would keep up with them and then would read comments on the web site about some members riding to fast. I tried hanging back with the slower riders but the faster riders kept going and I would have to race to get caught up. It should be up to the ride leader to ride no faster than the slowest rider in the group and the rest of the riders should respect the pace he sets.
    • More Port Hope rides.
    • 1) Ride leader orientation sessions open to cyclists interested in leading recreational as well as fast-paced groups. Depending on availability, I may be interested in leading some rides for the recreational riders. However, I am also interested in improving my own endurance for distance riding. 2) I have an interest in promoting cycling as a means of active transportation. I would like to hear more about advocacy for infrastructure in our communities for safe cycling, in particular cycling lanes on main streets in Port Hope (Toronto Rd., Ontario St., Walton/Ridout St.). 3) I would see a time trial to get information about my improvement as a cyclist. The community I lived in before had a pre-season and post-season event called, “Kelly’s Klimb”. Anyone could show up and be timed in climbing a 265 metre hill over a 7 km distance. A friend of mine showed up in her girl’s CCM bike and made it all the way! We definitely have lots of great hills in Northumberland County. FYI – 4) Introduce a community ride open to anyone (members and non-members) who shares a concern about the safety of cycling. The “Ride of Silence” in Cape Breton is held annually in memory of cyclists, injured or killed on the road. The event was recognized by municipal politicians and media, and supported by a police presence.
    • I think that the “easy” rides were longer this year than the year before at the beginning of the summer and I wonder if some people were intimidated by that. Two years ago, the easy rides started out at 10-15km and this year, they seemed to start at around 20km. For a brand new rider, this may be way too intimidating. As frustrating as it can be for those who are ready and able to go farther and faster, maybe the guideline should be for the easy ride to cater to the slowest person, at least for the first month or so of riding in the spring. Or maybe rides could be designed so that there is a shorter, slower loop with an option of adding a longer, faster loop at the end for those who wish to go farther, thus accomodating more people. (ie the first loop could be 12-15km, going as slowly as the slowest person requires and then, once the riders have arrived back at the start, those who wish to could opt to do another longer loop.) I know that this is more work for you though, Anita and maybe that’s not fair!
    • Very little […]. Club is doing very well considering the length of time it has been in existence.
    • The club is great. I have to modify my behaviour and try harder.
    • Mon & Wed need to be kept at the novice pace to attract new members.
    • I haven’t participated enough to offer any changes.
    • Establish average speed groups for riders.
    • Add mountain bike or trail rides (especially this time of year) more rides to accomodate medium and faster riders. It is understood that the club wants to encourage new riders which is great, however; not all riders enjoy riding at such a slow pace; therefore, 1 ride mid-week that is longer and a more steady pace would be appreciated.
    • Can’t think of any!
    • A little more Share-theRoad on our part.
    • I can’t think of anything…perhaps having more after-ride opportunities to socialize?
    • A policy that emphasized ensuring continuity in the riding groups.
    • It would be great if our club would support people [who] want to race. It would give our club more exposure and would provide club members the opportunity to go out to a race and not only watch/cheer on member, but they could also spend time riding in different parts of Ontario.
    • Maybe some coaching sessions.
    • Maybe one or two more social events through the season.
    • A lot of rides come through as leisure rides. Maybe a definition of what you consider a “leisure ride.” To me, leisure is 20-22 kms/hr but to another rider it may mean 25 kms/hr & I wonder if I’ll get left behind.
    • Teaching safe riding in groups especially when riding at higher speeds.
    • Stay the course, you’re doing a fantastic job!
  8. What are your cycling interests & goals within the Club? (You may select more than one)

    Other Comments:

    • To further motivate riders the club could have a contest for total kms. ridden for the season Possibly first, second, third & fourth (all on the honour system).
    • Advocacy for cycling and active transportation. I believe we need a presence on the road to influence decision-makers,
    • I like to ride at 20-25 kph with no stops on short routes (less than 60 k) and one stop on 60 to 100 k.
  9. How likely are you to renew your membership for next year?

    Other Comments:

    • Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback through this survey. I will not be able to attend the AGM, as I religiously have to drive my daughter to weekly dance classes in Oshawa. Could you post survey results and AGM highlights? I would love to keep connected, and get more involved.
    • GREAT job on growing and changing with the level and number of members. I have suggested to several cycling friends that they should join as the club is friendly and a great way to improve and learn and meet new friends.
  10. Overall, are you satisfied with your experience in the Club, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?

    Other Comments:

    • I love this club!!!
    • The club is extremely well organized and keeping up the pace will be the challenge. My goal is to increase my participation. Thanks for all the hard work.
    • This survey is a good idea and I hope everyone completes it so the club can learn and grow for 2013.
    • Anyone who is dissatisfied needs to step up to the plate and take charge. The current executive needs to take a very long ovation!


  1. Thanks to the directors for all their hard work. Looking forward to next season.
    Paul is right, it was an excellent slide show

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