The Non-Club turning into a Club

My Cycling Friends
Liability insurance and our non-club status has been a topic of discussion for some time now. Our little group has done well for being only a year old and has apparently survived the Winter. Several of you are out and riding now.
Myself and others believe that certain members, of the non-club, could be taking on undue personal liability by simply being active in posting or suggesting rides and routes, making website contributions etc.

I would hate to see these contributors lose their desire to continue out of fear of taking on more liability.
I have done some homework and have come to the conclusion that we need to affiliate ourself with the the OCA (Ontario Cycling Association) and become a registered club. The benefits of this would be liability insurance for it’s members. The cost of which would be $30 annually plus any club dues we may wish to add. I would imagine that would be in the neighbourhood of $5-$10 per year to start anyway.
Certain roles would need to be filled in order to establish a Board of Directors. These would include as a minimum; a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Anita and myself will volunteer to each take on a role in order to help us get started. We therefore need two more of you to step forward.
I understand that we have a great thing going on and that it would be a shame to lose it’s spontaneous open house approach but this is long overdue and we need to protect ourselves from liability. I believe this will be good for us and hope you all agree and will continue to want to be a part of this great community group we have started. We would nice to no longer have to hide from the proclamation that we are not a club. I suggest if we are in agreement, to celebrate this move with a name change to, “The Northumberland Hills Cycling Club”
If I get enough response I will begin to submit the documents this week. I need this resolved prior to our “Bike Week” beginning May 28th 2011.
Randy Albon


  1. Great idea as today you never know. It is to bad but that is life these days.
    I will join but will be laid up for a while as I need a knee operation. Just got the word today and after looking up all the long words I agree with what the Doctor said. ” it looks like a dog went in and chewed on you knee for a while”. To bad as the winter riding in Florida went so well and it was when I got back I screwed it up again, guess what moving snow. Send along any info and where to send the cheque.
    I am keeping to under 30 K right now so hope to be up to speed later in the season.

  2. A great idea, Randy – especially since folks such as I who already belong to an OCA club only have to pay the OCA dues once!
    I plan to join t he group again when I return from these southern parts.

  3. I agree Randy, that an OCA affiliation is a necessary step and is a good move. I’d be happy to be a member of ‘The Northumberland Hills Cycling Club’. Thanks to you and Anita for bringing this essential ‘next step’ forward. Your enthusiasm, energy, and leadership directed at building a local cycling group is very much appreciated!

  4. I too think it is a good idea, especially since this would allow members from the new club to participate in some of the GFW rides (three per season I believe) and vice-versa.

  5. For anyone who is interested in participating in the formation of the Club, there’s a meeting on Monday night (the 18th at 6:00pm) at the Mill restaurant. There will be an official announcement of the meeting in the next day or so, complete with an agenda, a link to the necessary OCA reading material, and an open invitation for all to attend. Keep your eye on the website for the info.

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