Thursday August 16th: “Jamie’s Route” (80km)

This ride is 80km and will take you into three different townships. There are new roads that the NHCC hasn’t taken before, so this should be a great ride. If you are interested in making the route a little shorter, please use the commenting section below and perhaps Jamie could offer some suggestions. A big thanks to Jamie for developing this route!

Note: At the moment, there is no “printable map” available, so you will have to take some notes of your own from the link below.

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The Community Centre in Baltimore
Route Map Link: “Jamie’s Route” 79km link here.
R ide leader: Jamie Barnes

Please comment below to let others know what you’re up to. It’s always nice to know that others will be riding.


  1. Hi ! I drove this route in my car this morning & Jit is fantastic ! Lots of variety and views & not too hilly after all.
    Jamie said I could let you know some changes to make to the list of turns… so here goes !

    At 4.23 km it is a Left onto OGrady____at 9.21 km it is a left___at 33.51 you need to turn Right onto Trottman Road & there is not a street sign___ at 35.46 turn Right and then stay on Telephone Road until 36.36___at 36.36 turn Left onto Honey Road___at 39.41 the sign says Heeley (not Durham)
    Hope that’s clear enough !
    (also I got confused going through Castleton – but basically just fly right through, no turning needed) Enjoy !!

  2. Wow what a ride and not for the faint of heart. The many hills and brisk wind made for a very challenging ride. Marianne, I don’t think you drove Jamie’s route. Relatively flat – I don’t think so.

  3. Jamie Thanks for leading today. I enjoyed the new route for me even though I took the ‘OLD SHELTER VALLEY ‘ shortcut which was 66k instead of 80. I bent my front derailleur so had to climb using my big ring. Next time I will be able to use the snall ring.

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