Thursday August 23rd: Ride to Harwood and Back

There have been some fairly long distance rides lately, so we’ll make this one a little shorter and hopefully a little easier for some. It’s about 67 km if you start and finish at Donegan Park, and only 41km if you start at the corner of Cornish Hollow and Dale Rd. It’s a familiar route for most of us, but it is a nice one. If you are starting at Dale Rd. for the 41km route, get there a little early and plan to be ready to roll, (right beside the cemetery), when the 67k group rolls on through.

Start time & location:
9:00am (Donegan Park)
9:20 (Corner of Cornish Hollow and Dale Rd. by the cemetery)

Route Map: Printable route map here

Please comment below if you are coming.


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