Thursday August 2nd: Ride from Port Hope “Go Fourth” (48 or 64 or 71 km)

We’ll start in Port Hope at 9am for the regular 48km route. The route is a relatively flat (code for easy) route and is suitable for most riders. There are also a few other choices to lengthen the distance and add a little challenge if that’s your preference.

New Riders: Don’t worry about distance and speed—this route is easy to shorten further if necessary. Take your time, do a pace that fits you and enjoy the scenery. You won’t get left behind, we promise. We have three different pace groups and the “Scenic” group is meant specifically for new riders and those who want to take it easy.

64 km: Start at Canadian Tire at 8:30am
71 km (with Bickle Hill): Start at Canadian Tire for 8:30am and on the return from Port Hope: left at Theatre Rd. continue straight to do Bickle Hill, right on Williamson, cross Cty Rd. 2 to continue onto Danforth, right at Ontario and right at Elgin St.

Regular Start time: 9am
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall
Route Map: “Go Fourth” (A Ganaraska Freewheelers route) map here
Ride Leader (Scenic Group): To be determined

Please indicate which route you are planning to do so others can plan to ride with you too!  🙂 Also, please let us know if you are willing and able to lead the Scenic Group.


  1. You message to New Riders has convinced me to join this ride! Would I be able to meet the group at Bramley and Bruton in Port Hope to spare me one hill? 🙂

    • OK, that didn’t make a lot of sense. I’m doing the longer ride by leaving from CT. I’ll still decide whether I want to do Bickle Hill again after last night, but probably will.

  2. I will try to be there – for Port Hope @9 – but don’t wait for me. I am dogsitting & don’t know how long the morning visit will take….

  3. Since I live in PH, I will meet you at the Port Hope Town Hall @ 9 AM. However, on the return, I might join the hardy souls up Bickle Hill. Be careful along C.R.2 as there is GLASS on the bike lane between CT and Theatre Rd.

  4. I’m riding from CT. I’ll probably do Bickle. I too did it today but if so many others are doing it again I’d feel remiss if I didn’t do it as well. Can’t wait to see everyone!

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