Thursday July 5th Ride: “Bewdley and Back” (54 km) *Starting 9:00am

**Don’t forget that the new REGULAR start time is 9:00am**

We haven’t done this route in a while so it’s time we do the “Bewdley and Back” route. Given the heat that we’ve been having, we might appreciate that if it’s a hot day we can grab a cold drink at the Bewdley store.

Route Notes: Although the map indicates that we start at The Mill restaurant, we will start at the Arena on Furnace St. instead. If you wish to make the route a little shorter and do just 34km you could turn right at Kennedy Rd. (rather than left) and head back the way you came.

Start time: 9:00am (regular group)
Start location: The arena on Furnace St., Cobourg
Route Map: “Bewdley and Back” route map here

Pack Leader (Non-stoppers): Need a volunteer
Pack Leader #1 (Regular group): Need a volunteer
Pack Leader (Scenic group): Need a volunteer 

The “Tour de Northumberland Hills” Stage 5!
By the way, Stage 5 of the “Tour de Northumberland Hills” means riding 19.7 km. This ride will certainly get those kilometres in.

Please indicate if you are planning to ride and if you can be a pack leader.


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