Thursday June 9 from The Mill, 10am

We’re going to meet at The Mill parking lot once again for a hilly, challenging route for both the short and the long distances. (This is the route that was planned a couple of weeks ago but was cancelled due to rain.)

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: The Mill Restaurant Parking lot
Route map and directions: Click here for the route map.** (**We have had a report of an aggressive dog on this route**More details will be provided at the beginning of the ride)

Long Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Short Ride Leader: Paul Mills

Please comment below if you are coming and whether you are interested in the short or long route.


  1. Of course I’ll be there……I guess it’s a given since I’m leading the long ride.
    Anyone want to grab some lunch there afterward?

  2. I will be prepared to do the short route for anybody that wants to come as I have to be in Toronto for a 1.00pm appt.
    If Paul want sto do the long route I will be there.
    Roy M

  3. I can’t do lunch as I have a trails meeting at the CCC at 1:30. BTW, anyone interested is welcome to attend but must RSVP to Petra Hartwig at City Hall beforehand.

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