“Tour de Northumberland Hills” June 30th – July 22nd 2012

Sponsored by: Port Hope Bicycle “The Spirit of Cycling”

Calling all members of the NHCC! The Tour de Northumberland Hills is a fun, 20-stage ride that parallels the Tour de France but right here in Northumberland County. The three-week long Tour de Northumberland Hills mirrors the Stages in the pro Tour with our very own mini versions. With every stage completed your name is entered for a weekly prize draw. Ride all or just a few stages—it’s your choice. The more you ride, the better your chances of winning! Don’t worry about fitness or gear—this is designed for everyone!

The distances are easy! Each Tour de Northumberland Hills stage is 10% of the distance the Pro’s will ride on each given day. (e.g Tour de France Stage= 189km  Tour de Northumberland Stage=18.9km) Except for Time Trials—they’ll be a little more challenging as you do the whole distance (minus the “competition” of course)

Who can participate?
All NHCC  members and customers of Port Hope Bicycle

Register by June 30th in one of three ways:

  1. Enter your name on the spreadsheet
  2. Drop into Port Hope Bicycle and leave your name
  3. Email George at Port Hope Bicycle

Cost: Free! Costs nothing! Nada!

How it works: (It’s simple)

  1. Check the daily Stage Distance. (see below)
  2. Ride the required minimum distance either on your own, with others or as part of a Club ride* (*NHCC members)
  3. Enter your distance on the Spreadsheet each time you complete a stage.

Ride as far as you want—only the minimum distance is required to enter for the draw prize. (one entry per day is permitted). The more you ride the better your chances of winning a prize. Plus, you’ll get fitter and feel better! 

Weekly prizes
Week 1: $50 gift certificate from Port Hope Bicycle
Week 2: $50 gift certificate from Port Hope Bicycle
Grand prize= LAS Helmet ($140) in NHCC colours!

Distances for the “Tour de France” and “Tour de Northumberland Hills”

  1. Prologue—Saturday, June 30 2012 Liège (ITT) (6.1 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills optional
  1. Stage 1—Sunday, July 1 2012 Liège – Seraing (198 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 19.8 km
  1. Stage 2—Monday, July 2 2012 Visé – Tournai (207 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 20.7 km
  1. Stage 3—Tuesday, July 3 2012 Orchies – Boulogne-sur-Mer (197 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 19.7 km
  1. Stage 4—Wednesday, July 4 2012 Abbeville – Rouen (214 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 21.4 km
  1. Stage 5—Thursday, July 5 2012 Rouen – Saint-Quentin (197 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 19.7 km
  1. Stage 6—Friday, July 6 2012 Épernay – Metz (210 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 21.0 km
  1. Stage 7—Saturday, July 7 2012 Tomblaine – La Planche des Belles Filles (199 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 19.9 km
  1. Stage 8—Sunday, July 8 2012 Belfort – Porrentruy (154 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 15.4 km
  1. Stage 9—Monday, July 9 2012 Arc-et-Senans – Besançon (ITT) (38 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 38 km
  1. Rest Day 1—Tuesday, July 10 2012
  1. Stage 10—Wednesday, July 11 2012 Mâcon – Bellegarde-sur-Valserine (194 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 19.4 km
  1. Stage 11—Thursday, July 12 2012 Albertville – La Toussuire – Les Sybelles (140 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 14.0 km
  1. Stage 12—Friday, July 13 2012 Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne – Annonay Davézieux (220 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 22.0 km
  1. Stage 13—Saturday, July 14 2012 Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux – Le Cap d’Agde (215 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 21.5 km
  1. Stage 14—Sunday, July 15 2012 Limoux – Foix (192 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 19.2 km
  1. Stage 15—Monday, July 16 2012 Samatan – Pau (160 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 16.0 km
  1. Rest Day 2—Tuesday, July 17 2012
  1. Stage 16—Wednesday, July 18 2012 Pau – Bagnères-de-Luchon (197 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 19.7 km
  1. Stage 17—Thursday, July 19 2012 Bagnères-de-Luchon – Peyragudes (144 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 14.4 km
  1. Stage 18—Friday, July 20 2012 Blagnac – Brive-la-Gaillarde (215 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 21.5 km
  1. Stage 19—Saturday, July 21 2012  Bonneval – Chartres (ITT) (52 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 52 km
  1. Stage 20—Sunday, July 22 2012 Rambouillet – Paris Champs-Élysées (130 km)
    Tour de Northumberland Hills= 13 km


  1. What a great idea the “tour” is. I will miss the first 5 days but will try for the rest. I hope I have enough clothes.

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