Tuesday, May 31st: Evening community bike ride

This one is our very first evening ride and it’s open to anyone who wants to ride including non-members. So grab a friend and bring them to our second community bike ride. They do not need to be members of the club. Hopefully we’ll see some new faces! As planned, the ride will be about 13.5km and take place totally in town where the routes are flat.

Non-members are encouraged to come out and give it a try. The only requirement will be that they wear a helmet and sign an OCA waiver that we will have available at the beginning of the ride.

The threat of rain must have kept people at home on Sunday because only thirteen of our club members showed up and while we waited for new riders from the community, none came so we did our own thing and went 54km. Club members who wish to extend the 13km ride are more than welcome to do so after the planned community ride is over.

Start time: 6:30pm
Start location: Donegan Park
Route map and directions: Click here for the route map.
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin

Please indicate by commenting if you will come out for the ride.


  1. I had arranged my coaching schedule so I could ride but I got hit by a van on Monday morning while heading out of town. I’m okay except for many scapes and bruises and a swollen left hand…I think I have a spain at the base of my thumb. It looks like that injury is going to keep me off the bike for a few days.

    • That’s awful! I hope you recover quickly and that the driver of the van is held accountable. Take care of yourself and we hope to see you soon. Such an unfortunate accident. Keep us updated, Bruce.

  2. Randy and I will be there for the ride. I’m also going to bring my other son, Luke. Liam won’t be there tonight, he has to be somewhere else. See you all then. It’s going to be a warm one!

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