Wednesday evening Advanced ride: Aug. 17th (6:00pm)

The days are getting shorter…..this ride will have to start at 6:00pm if we are to finish it before the sun sets. We’re going to ride like the wind up Bickle Hill, then over to do the Jamieson twins. Don’t you just love hills? You’ll hardly notice them, since it’s late in the season and we’re all super-fit now!

Start time: 6:00pm
Start location: Corner of Theatre Rd. and Highway 2 (Abandoned parking lot)
Route map and directions: Route map of “Bickle Hill and More” (36.8 km)
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin

Please indicate by commenting if you will come out for the ride so we know how many to expect. Thanks!


  1. It looks like I won’t be there to lead the ride afterall……Randy and I are going to Presqu’ile. (unless our plans change, as they sometimes do!)

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