Wednesday, October 19th: Short Evening Ride (5:45pm)

The countdown is on. After this ride is over there will be only 4 more before the time changes and we won’t be able to have evening rides anymore.

Please indicate by commenting below that you want to ride so that others can plan accordingly.

Don’t forget to bring red lights for the back of your bikes.

Start time: 5:45
Start location: The Mill Parking Lot
Route: To be determined
Ride Leader: To be determined. Anyone want to take the lead?


  1. I hope to be there if the weather cooperates. Turns out that Marianne and I went out riding on Monday despite the threat of rain. We headed north and rode for…oh I think it was about 21/2 hours wasn’t it Marianne? And I think we covered at least 100km in that time. It’s amazing what we rookies can accomplish when we put our minds to it.

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