Weekday Rides for July 26-30

This week’s forecast is looking unpredictable, but we’ll forge ahead and plan rides, subject to weather changes of course!

Sunrise, Sunset and Lights on Bikes:
It’s important to note that the days are getting shorter, fast! We are losing almost a minute a day now and in fact, have already lost around 20 minutes of daylight over the past few weeks! Given the earlier sunsets, it’s important for evening rides that you have appropriate lights on both the front and back of your bike. The law requires cyclists have lights on between 30 minutes before sunset until 30 minutes after sunrise.  So, if sunset is at 8:38pm on Thursday night’s ride, lights would be required at 8:08pm.  There are two kinds of lights: Running Lights, and Lights to See With (just like in your car!).  Most bike shops have a selection of lights available in every price range.  For more guidance on selecting some lights, check out this from MEC.  

FYI, you can lookup each day’s official sunset time on the NHCC website in the right hand column! 

Here are the rides for the week of July 26-30th (so far!):

1. Monday July 26th: (Level 2/3) Exploring Port Hope from Mastwoods Rd.
Start time: 6:00pm
Ride Planner: Wayne Pearce
Length of Ride: 1.5 – 2 hours (No route provided)
Terrain: C
Pace: In between Leisurely (Level 2) and Moderate (Level 3)
Type of ride: Group
Start location: 4857 Mastwoods Rd., Port Hope

2. Tuesday July 27th: (Level 2) Dennis’ Casual Evening Ride
Start time: 6:00pm
Ride Planner:  Dennis Benson
Length: 1.5-2 hours
Terrain: B
Pace: Leisurely (Level 2)
Type of ride: Group
Start location: St. Marys Church parking lot in Grafton (103 Lyle St. South, Grafton)

3. Wednesday July 28th: (Level 3) Bewdley to Harwood and Back
Start time: 10:00am
Ride Planner: Wayne Pearce
Distance: 36km + (add 30km more distance for a total of 66km by riding to the start point from Hamilton Township Offices at 9am!)
Terrain: C 
Pace: Moderate (Level3)
Type of ride: Re-Group
Start location: Bewdley Waterfront on Rice Lake

4. Thursday July 29th: (Level 2) Dennis’ Casual Evening Ride
Start time: 6:00pm
Ride Planner: Dennis Benson
Length of Ride: 1.5-2 hours
Terrain: B
Pace: Easy (Level 2)
Type of ride: Group
Start location: Donegan Park, D’Arcy St., Cobourg

5. Friday July 30th: (Level 3, or 4) Friday Floater, “Waterfront Trail Clarington to the ‘Shwa”
Start time: 10:00am
Ride Planner: Randy Albon
Distance: choice of 63km 
Terrain: B
Pace: Mixed Levels
Type of ride: Re-Group
Start location: Bond Head Parkette, Boulten St. in Newcastle

RSVP: We need to know how many to expect (COVID gathering limits apply) You can RSVP two different ways.

  • The easiest way! Visit the NHCC Ride Calendar, click on the ride you are interested in, then click RSVP or,
  • Leave a comment right on the website to say you are coming!

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