Daytime Hike Wednesday, Evening Hike Thursday!

We have two hikes planned—The first is Wednesday afternoon when Maria will  meet the group at the Northumberland Forest “Morris” Trailhead Parking Lot, and on Thursday Night we go out for our Christmas Lights of Port Hope hike. Dig out those little Christmas lights and decorate yourself up for night-time. Let’s get creative. You can never be too bright!

 as usual, we will aim for some optional post-hike beer & munchies if you like. It seems as though most want to partake because we usually have about 10-12 of us!  

All NHCC members and Guests are welcome! Guests will need to bring a signed waiver, however (available on the website). 

Daytime Hike: Wednesday December 14
Start time: 1:30pm
Start location: Northumberland Forest “Morris” Trailhead (Just south of Beagle Club, on the east side of Hwy 45)
Hike Leader: Maria

CANCELLED due to snow storm
Evening Hike: Thursday December 15
Start time: 6:00pm
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall parking lot
Hike Leader: Anita and Randy

RSVP: Please RSVP using your Cycle Club account so we know to expect you! (or leave a comment on the website)

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