Hey there, future NHCC Director! Are you an ideas person? Do you like to help out?

We are looking to mentor some new future Directors—that could be you! We have seven dedicated and amazing people (aka “Directors”) who are simply enthusiastic volunteers who get together from time to time to help keep the NHCC rolling—but honestly, we would welcome some new faces to eventually continue the fabulousness and make the NHCC even greater. We’re hoping we can find a few new faces to work alongside us, learn the ropes and then eventually slide into a position with confidence when ready! 

What if I’m a maybe, but not altogether sure?
Easy! We’ll invite you to attend our next meeting. You can meet the others (Randy, Anita, Freda, Debbie, Helmut, Bill and Jim!) and see what we actually do. (Ha! We talk biz but we also eat snacks, laugh a bit). If it seems like a good fit for you we’ll go from there. If not—no harm, no foul!

How and when do we meet? 
Just 3 or 4 times a year in-person meetings—cuz really, we just want to ride our bikes! We also use WhatsApp and Email to keep each other current and in the loop! 

What do Directors actually do?
We brainstorm ideas about how to make club rides more fun & more safe for everyone. We plan out social events and figure out how to best spend Club money.

What kind of experience is needed?
You don’t even need cycling skills to be a director.  Just a willingness to help further the club’s mission of cycling for Fun, Fitness, & Friendship but from a leadership perspective! Here are a few things we’d be really excited about: Financial experience, Computer & tech skills, Communications with volunteers, organizing special events, and more!  

So, do you feel like helping us out, making fantastic decisions? Just fire us off a quick email and we’ll be more than happy to tell you more, or even call Randy—(he likes to talk) 905-376-8696.

Email: Secretary@northumberlandhillscyclingclub.com


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