Rides for the week of: Monday June 12 to Sunday June 18

There was smoke, there was rain….there were cancelled rides! But it’s a new week and some have been re-scheduled for take two.  On Thursday the 3/4s are going to try again to do the Waterfront Trail again from Clarington to Whitby, and on Friday night the mountain biking crowd are heading out from the Beagle Club Parking lot for some trail fun. On Sunday the Level 2s are starting from Shelter Valley Rd for a change. Level 1s have two choices for Sunday (so take your pick) and the 3/4s will be out in Campbellford to try that which was rained out on Sunday!  Please, always note those start times—for example, the Level 3/4 evenings rides are 6:30 this week.

Members only: Please let ride leaders know you are in, using your Cycle Club Account.  
Guests: Those wishing to ride as our guest may leave a comment on the website to let us know you are coming. Please bring a signed Guest Waiver with you (available in the right-hand column of our website)

The Quick Facts: Upcoming Rides (June 5th to June 11th)

More details about all the rides are found in your Cycle Club account Events page.

Tuesday June 13th: Evening Ride

Level 1 (Start time: 6:00pm): 
Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena, 206 Furnace St., Cobourg

Level 2 (Start time: 6:00pm): 
Start location:Donegan Park, 25 D’Arcy St., in Cobourg.

Level 3/4 (Start time: 6:30pm): 
Start location:Beagle Club Trail Head, 101 Beagle Club Rd, Harwood

Thursday June 15th: Morning Ride (varied start times)

Level 1 (Start time: 9:00am): 
Start location: Westwood Park, 665 Carlisle St., Cobourg

Level 2 (Start time: 9:00am): 
Start location:Cobourg Memorial Arena, 206 Furnace St., Cobourg

Level 3/4 (Start time: 10:00am): 
Start location:Darlington Lower Hydro Fields (Soccerfields): 312 Crago Rd, Courtice

Thursday June 15th: EVENING Ride

Level 3/4 (only)  (Start time: 6:30pm): 
Start location: Westwood Park, 665 Carlisle St., Cobourg

Friday June 16th: EVENING Mountain Biking, 6:30pm

Level 3/4 (only) (Start time: 6:30 pm)
Start location: Woodland Trailhead (Northumberland Forest): Intersection of Hwy 45 and Woodland Rd., (a few kms north of Beagle Club Rd.)

Sunday June 18th: Morning Ride

Level 1 (Start time: 10:00am): 
Start location: Option 1: Cobourg Memorial Arena, 206 Furnace St., Cobourg

Level 2 (Start time: 10:00am): 
Start location: 2182 Shelter Valley Road, Grafton

Level 3/4: (Start time: 10:00 am):
Start location: Kennedy Park in Campbellford: 179 Saskatoon Ave.

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