ICYMI: Helmut’s grand adventure across South America

Hey, all you arm-chair adventurers! One sure way to pass away some of these slow winter days is to check out Helmut’s blog bockonabike where he is documenting his trek across South America with his brother for the month of January. So far they have covered about 892km and are currently in Argentina.  They’ve experienced Air Canada incompetencies, killer mountain climbs in the Andes, stinking hot weather, long stretches of road with wide open scenery, and all sorts of other “unexpecteds”….which you’ll only discover by checking out his daily blog. Live the adventure vicariously! Buenos Aires is his final destination.


  1. If it is true that, what doesn’t kill your makes you stronger, Helmut and his brother will return home as super hero’s.
    I’m enjoying reading the daily blog posts very much.

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