NHCC Rides for the week of Monday May 20 to Sunday May 26th

Sylvan Glen has re-opened so that’s good news for Port Hope routes.  The Tuesday 2s are taking Port Hope Lakeshore for an out and back, providing flexibility in distance. Now that 3s are getting their spring-legs back they’ll start adding a bit of distance over the next few weeks, starting also from Port Hope on Tuesday for a 35km route. Butter tarts for the 1s on Thursday! So, if that sounds yummy & delish, give it a go—L2, 3, and 4s could ride to the L1 start point, join in the fun, and ride home for some nice& easy distance. Level 4s will also be adding some distance on their Sunday rides, starting with the 65km Shimano 3A route where they’ll visit the riverside Silver Bean Cafe along the way.


Getting notices about Ride cancellations: In the event of a ride cancellation, notifications are delivered to your Cycle Club account.  You will only receive a notification of a ride if you have RSVPd. Ensure that you have enabled Email notifications—in your Profile settings, scroll down and toggle on “Email notifications”.

Why do you need a Cycle Club account? The most up-to-date and detailed information about rides is on the Events calendar in your Cycle Club account. It’s also the only way that a Ride Leader can access your emergency contact information in the event it’s needed.  It’s really easy to use and you can register in quick time either on your desktop computer or download the app to your phone. Get yourself registered here for Cycle Club

The Quick Facts:Upcoming Rides (May 20th to May 26th)

Tuesday May 21st: Evening Ride, 6:00pm
Level 1 Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena, 206 Furnace St., Cobourg
Level 2 Start location: King’s Field at 28 Victoria St S. in Port Hope
Level 3 Start location: King’s Field at 28 Victoria St S. in Port Hope
Level 4 Start location: Sylvan Glen, 3634 Sylvan Glen Rd, Port Hope

Thursday May 23rd: Morning Ride, 10:00pm
Level 1 Start location: Westwood Park, 655 Carlisle Str. Cobourg
Level 2 Start location: Haldimand Community Memorial Arena, 10766 County Rd 2, Grafton
Level 3 Start location: Vernonville Community Centre, 112 George Street, Vernonville

Thursday May 23rd: Evening Ride, 6:00pm
Level 4 Start location: Baltimore Recreation Centre, 23 Community Centre Rd., Baltimore

Sunday May 26th: Morning Ride, 10:00am
Level 1 Start location: Brighton Boat Launch, 162 Harbour St, Brighton
Level 2 Start location: Kings Field, 28 Victoria St. south, Port Hope
Level 3 Start location: Ray Benns Memorial Park, 2360 Northumberland County Rd 23, Centreton
Level 4 Start location: Squirrel Creek Conservation Area, 2520 Wallace Point Rd, Fraserville

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