NHCC Speaker Series 2019 Presents: David Trattles (Wednesday Dec. 11th 6:30pm)

For anyone who was fortunate enough to attend David’s presentation last year, I’m sure you would likely not want to miss this years encore presentation. David is a story teller, and brings a cycling twist to many of his stories.

The Joy of Human Relation — Travel by Bicycle

David Trattles will be your host for a session on travel­ and photography, and in making community as you travel by bicycle.

Dave knows cycling and slow photography stories: for 25 years he has been traveling by bicycle through 100 countries, and working as a social documentary photographer (National Archives of Canada, Canadian Geographic, Macleans, Elle). This presentation will be about why you should travel by bicycle and what happens when you do – shared largely through stories that will have you out there in the world, living a specific time and experience.

Along the way, Dave reveals the joy of human relations. By learning who the people are and how they live their lives, he will share stories about ordinary people who do extraordinary things (Muslim girl boxers of Calcutta, German cowboys, cheese rollers of Sicily, Tomato throwers of Spain, marathoners of Calcutta, remote lives of Canadians, the Powwow of Kitigan Zibi, Kefir Makers of Tajikistan..).

This evening, Dave Trattles will inspire you to get in touch with your own life force — to go out into the world on your bicycle and express your own individuality, your own richness — and to engage deeply in the lives and experiences of others.

Date: Wednesday December 11, 6:30pm
Cost: $5 (at the door)
RSVP Reserved seating only: Please send email to nhcycling2010@gmail.com to let us know you’re coming.
Location: The Old Camborne Schoolhouse (3441 Albert’s Alley)


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