Sunday??? and Beagle Club Info

It looks like we are expecting some snow this weekend, but whether that translates into enough snow to get the cross country skis back out is hard to know. As Sunday approaches, if you want to get out for a hike or skiing at 10:00, please leave a comment and we’ll see what comes together. If there is skiing, the meeting spot is the Beagle Club parking lot. If there is hiking, Beagle Club trails are closed to all but cross country skiers as of December 1st each year whether there is snow or not, so the meeting location will be the Woodland parking lot.

Beagle Club info: the company contracted to do the logging in Northumberland Forest will be finishing what they started last year in another area of the forest. Therefore, the closure of the Beagle Club trails has been postponed again. The closure will likely be in at least 2 to 3 weeks, and possibly not until January. Once logging operations commence, they will last around 3 months. When Beagle Club is closed, the County will announce it on all social media such as their website and Facebook. It will also be very obvious once you head to the parking lot. Access to the trails will then be limited to Saturday and Sunday each week, and anyone caught in the closed area during the week will be fined.

Northumberland County is looking for volunteers to be trail watchers. Following mandatory training, these volunteers will be asked to regularly check their assigned section of the trails in Northumberland Forest and report any issues that need to be addressed. This will allow the County to quickly respond to any concerns and raise the standard of the trail system. For more info or to apply to be a trail watcher, please contact Todd Farrell at:, or Mike Muldoon at:

Date: Sunday, December 1st

Start Time: 10:00

Meeting Location: Beagle Club parking lot for cross country skiing, Woodland parking lot for hiking

Leader(s): route to be decided upon by those who show up


  1. I can’t make it for 10:00am but I’ll watch the post and see what happens with the snow/ski possibility. Could meet up on a second loop around? Maybe?

  2. I am planning to come out, but will need to watch my time because of a 12 noon meeting (Randy?). Skis or shank’s mare — either mode works for me as weather dictates.
    As a reminder, there are three nights and two days of freezing temps leading to Sunday morning, so icers would be advisable if we are hiking.

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