Workshops for NHCC members—let’s up your game!

We have workshops coming up! Essential Bike Maintenance 1.0 for beginners who want to keep their bikes running smoothly (two different dates to choose from) , Gear Essentials: What are they and how do they work,  Gears & Brakes: Ride Better!, and Bike Maintenance 2.0 (for the experienced crowd) designed for club members who have premium bicycles and want to know how to best protect their investments.

WORKSHOP: Essential Bike Maintenance 1.0

Monday July 10th, 6:00pm (8 person maximum) 
Wednesday July 19 (8 person maximum)
It’s a two-hour session, with one hour devoted to hands-on maintenance that you’ll perform on your own bicycle, and the other hour for removing and repairing a flat tire. We’ll cover:

  • How, when, and why to clean & lube the chain and related parts that make up a drive train
  • How and when to check tire pressure and pump your tires
  • How to remove the front or back wheel from your bike
  • Change a flat tire

WORKSHOP: Gear Essentials: What are they and how do they work

Monday July 17th, 6:00pm
It’s a two-hour session. First we’ll put a bike up on the stand and learn what all those rings on the front and back of your bike actually do. Then we will head out onto the street and practise shifting up, down, and repeat! 

  • Identify how many gears your bicycle has
  • Learn what the left and right shifters each do
  • Tips for proper shifting
  • Learn about cross-chaining

WORKSHOP: Gears & Brakes—Ride Better!

Monday July 24th, 6:00pm
It’s a two-hour session designed to build technique! It will be a practical mix of discussion, demonstration and riding.  You’ll learn to:

    • Improve your shifting skills
    • Anticipate terrain and shift accordingly
    • Use gears to maintain cadence and keep rolling smoothly
    • Use your brakes efficiently
    • Position & corner

WORKSHOP: Bike Maintenance 2.0

Monday August 21, 6:00pm
This two hour session is for the more experienced crowd who may have fancy schmancy bikes and want to know how to best protect that investment. Learn how to:

  • Care for your carbon fibre bike
  • Clean and wash safely
  • Inspect your drive-train for wear
  • Remove & replace your chain for deep cleaning of the drive-train
  • Choose the right lube and how & when to apply it properly
  • Inspect your brake pads (rim and disc)
  • How to check your frame for damage 
  • Learn about chain drop or “suck” (and the damage it can cause!)
  • Examine cables, check for wear, and understand the different available options
  • Discussion of tubeless tires and paraffin chain waxing
  • Q & A


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