Quick Question: What type of Club clothing do you prefer?

We want to re-stock our jersey inventory and want to make sure we get what club members want! Help us to decide—it’s a matter of balancing price, quality and style. We are thinking of ordering a “slimmer fit” jersey than the current inventory, so they will be a nice complement to our current “relaxed fit” jerseys! We may also consider some snazzy NHCC branded socks if there’s enough interest.  Just indicate which items you’d be most interested in—no obligation, it’s just to help us guide our choices.

REGULAR Short sleeved and Sleeveless JERSEYS ($90)

  • Fabric: Airdry 100 (light and breathable)
  • Zipper: full hidden zipper
  • Pockets: three standard back pockets with reflective strips
  • Hems: elastic at bottom, stitched at sleeves


  • Fabric: Airdry 100 (light and breathable), lycra fiber sleeves, mesh panels at the sides
  • Zipper: full hidden zipper
  • Pockets: three standard back pockets with reflective strips PLUS two easy to access side pockets
  • Hems: silicone gripper strip at bottom, aero laser-style finish at sleeve hems



    • We had the classic blue & black style for 10 years and then a few years ago the membership approved the new multi-colour style because it’s colors are brighter and more visible. We have had a lot of people tell us they really like them.

  1. Hey there Rick,
    The new items are “slim fit” only because we already have a significant inventory of Relaxed Fit jerseys available. This is mostly to see if there’s enough interest to order some “slim fit” jerseys—and if so, do people prefer the “standard” quality or a “premium” style. The relaxed fit that we already have are Unisex sizing and even the smallest size is a little too big for some members.

  2. We would be interested in a warmer full length men’s jacket. Still cycling in the cooler months.
    Peter and Jacque

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