Ride: Saturday July 16: Interclub ride with the Ganaraska Freewheelers

This is a special event ride. There will NOT be a Sunday ride this weekend.

The Ganaraska Freewheelers have invited the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club to participate in a ride together, starting and finishing in Warkworth. Upon completion of the ride the NHCC and the Freewheelers will meet for dinner at the 100 Mile Diner and Pizzeria.

Please note: We expect the route to be hilly and the pace to be consistent with our host club, the Freewheelers. Those wishing to ride a shorter distance should review the map and make individual plans accordingly, as we will not be planning or leading a short route for this event.

Start time: 2:00pm
Start location: Warkworth main street.
Route map and directions: “Trent River Truckin” route (63km)

NHCC ride leader: Randy Albon

Please comment below if you are coming so that the appropriate reservations can be made at the Hundred Mile Diner.


  1. Can there be a regular group route for intermediate cyclists such as myself who are out to enjoy
    spectacular summer days and scenic routes? I like to do about 30-40 k as fast as i can on my crappy bike.. I am not good enough yet for the advanced group nor slow enough for novice.

    Thanks for listening!

  2. My question re intermediate regular route does not apply to the Warkworth route.. i get that this is for the advanced group.


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