Ride: Sunday, Oct. 9th (10am) Port Hope Lakeshore and back

This Sunday the weather man says there’s nothing but sunshine and warmth. So, for all of you folks who are not doing Turkey preparations, the club is going to ride over toward Port Hope and down the Lakeshore then back. The distance can be whatever you want…..just turn around and head back when you feel you’ve reached your halfway point.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: The park on Carlisle between Ewing and Westwood
Route Map and Directions: Not needed, we’ll just follow the Waterfront Trail

Let us know if you plan to ride, make a comment below.


  1. Enjoy ! I’ll be eating stuffing and pie – just got back from a beautiful ride this afternoon though ! Happy Thanksgiving !

  2. I’m wondering if I could meet up with you in Port Hope, say at the top of the Walton St hill at Toronto Rd. (Notice how I didn’t offer to meet you at the BOTTOM of the hill? You know how I love those hills!) I could ride down from my home in Canton and join you for the ride west along Lakeshore Rd. Please let me know if this would work and, if so, the approximate time you think you might be at Toronto Rd. Thanks.

  3. I would like to join you all but because of family commitments I will probably join you in Port Hope as well. Do you ride up Walton or Dorsett?


  4. We ride up Dorset (never Walton).
    I’m guessing if we leave Cobourg at 10:00 sharp, it’s 8.5km to the old Canadian Tire store in Port Hope so I estimate we would pass it at around 10:20 and then the Winchester Arms at the top of town around 10:30. I’ll make sure we keep our eye open for people meeting us at either of those two locations.

  5. Heather and I will join everyone in Port Hope. We will meet you where we met up with you last time just after the railway bridge on Lakeshore.

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