Ride: Thursday July 7: “Bewdley and Back”


This Thursday we start from The Mill restaurant at a new time, 9:00am. We’ll go up to Bewdley, stop at the store there to load up on popsicles or other cold refreshments and then head back. There will be both a long route (54.5 km) and an optional shorter route. Thanks to Paul for developing this route!

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The Mill Restaurant, Cobourg
Route map and directions: “Bewdley and Back” route map

Long Ride Leader (51km): Paul Mills
Short Ride Leader (31km): TBD (Need a volunteer still)

Please comment below if you are coming. Also, if you would like to lead a shorter route, please indicate so.


    • Looking forward to meeting you, Diane. You can give your application to either me (Anita), Paul Mills or Randy just before the ride. Randy and I are still unsure whether or not we’ll be there.

  1. I will try the longer route as long as it will not spoil the ride for others who may want to do it faster than me.

  2. Don’t forget the new start time! 9:00am
    Randy and I don’t know whether or not we’ll be at the ride…….just finished the Evil Hill ride tonight and we’ll see how we feel in the morning.

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