Rides for the week of: Monday May 23 to Sunday May 30

We have all the regular rides this week, plus this Sunday we are heading out of town for a ride starting in Peterborough at Beavermede Park.  It’s a glorious route along the Peterborough Rotary Greenway Trail all the way up to Lakefield where hopefully it will be much warmer than this past Sunday was. And if so, bring some ice-cream $ for the great ice-cream shop at the end of the trail.  For the mountain bikers in the club, there’s ride posted for this coming Saturday, and Helmut always makes sure it’s fun.  You can see all the details and also RSVP using your Cycle Club account.  

Using the Discussion feature on Cycle Club: We’re all pretty conscious of trying to conserve gas these days, so if you are interested and able to carpooling, there’s a Discussion feature attached to each Event in Cycle Club.  Just post a comment there and see what materializes. It’s a great way to communicate with others about any particular ride! 


The Quick Facts: Upcoming Rides

IMPORTANT: Please note Start Locations may vary for each Ride Level.

Tuesday May 24th: Evening Ride, 6:30pm

Level 1: 
Start location: Cobourg Public Library, 200 Ontario St.

Level 2: 
Start location: St. Mary’s Church in Grafton at 103 Lyle St., South

Level 3 and 4:
Change notice:  Start location: Hamilton Township Municipal Office, 8285 Majestic Hills Rd.

Thursday May 26th: Morning Ride, 10am

Level 1: 
Start location: Westwood Park on Carlisle St., just east of Ewing

Level 2:
Start location: Park on the street at 145 Park Lane, Hastings

Level 3 and 4:
Start location: Westwood Park on Carlisle St., just east of Ewing

Saturday May 28th: Mountain Biking, 10am

Levels: (3 and 4)
Start location:  Beagle Club Trailhead, Northumberland Forest

CANCELLED Sunday May 29th: Out-of-Town (Peterborough) Morning Ride, 10am

Levels: (1, 2, 3 and 4)
Start location:  Beavermede Park, 2011 Ashburnham Dr., Peterborough
Click here to see it on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/cvX5SnKcqYH2B5Sc9


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