Sunday, August 8th (50k from Port Hope)

This ride will start in Port Hope at Gilmer’s Home Hardware. The route is called the “Western Wanderer” and travels along the Lakeshore for the first part of the ride. We did this ride back in June and everyone agreed it was a lovely ride.

Meet at the west end of the parking lot at Gilmer’s Home Hardware in Port Hope. We’ll meet underneath the big Home Hardware sign, as we did the last time.

Here is the route map. Please take a moment to print it out for yourselves and bring it with you.

Click here for the 50k Western Wanderer Map

Start time: 10:00

Start location: Port Hope (Gilmer’s Home Hardware)


  1. We will be there! It’s possible that I might be bringing my 14-year old son who has his very first road bike and wants to ride. If so, we I will be riding a little slower with him and may even take a “short” version of the route. See you!

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