Sunday, July 4th Ride (possibly from Grafton)

Brian Hedney has made the following suggestion for Sunday, July 4th.

“How do folks feel about having a ride from Grafton on Sunday July 4th? We would, of course, have to wear red, white and blue outfits with lots of stars and stripes on them! The route that I am proposing is 51 km long, and is called Grafton East. It is to be found here: The Grafton-East Map. It is, in my opinion, a lovely route. It starts by following the (relatively flat) Waterfront Trail to Colborne, then heads north into the hills of Telephone Road before coming down the lovely Shelter Valley Road. The starting point is the Grafton Arena, 500 m west of the village on C.R.2.”
Brian Hedney


  1. Would love to join you but will be away on vaction until July 30th. Looking forward to many more rides beginning in August. Enjoy! John

  2. I would like to do the Grafton ride but start from Cobourg and meet the group in Grafton. Anyone interested? We could meet at Donegan at 9:15 to be at the arena in Grafton by 10.

    • At this moment I will plan to ride to Donegan Park and then ride to Grafton.
      Hwy #2 from Archer road to Grafton is not anywhere near perfect but it is passable.
      My riding schedule is very unstable. When we get closer to the 4th I will be better able to confirm attendance.

  3. We’d love to be able to go on this ride, but Randy and Anita will be on the Waterfront Tour and can’t be in two places at the same time!

  4. Jamie and anyone else riding from Donegan on Sunday, We can take Lakeshore and then Station Rd to get to Grafton, safer then hwy 2. We”ll come out at the Grafton Inn and then go to the arena. I would be up for lunch after! Not sure what Harold is doing yet but he will probably be up for the same!

  5. Brian will do my best to be in Grafton. I need a good ride after that diaster I put in on the 1st. Worst case will be I ride from my place and hook up on route. Hurly Rd./ Colborne is a 15/20 minute ride from my house. Telephone Rd is beside my farm so even on Telephone Rd. works.

  6. This ride is a definite “go”. We plan to leave the Grafton Arena at 10:00 AM, and will be more than happy to “pick up” Ken (and possibly others) en-route. I believe Vivian is planning to ride from Donegan Park, leaving at 9:15 AM, but you may wish to confirm that if you are planning to join her. We may have to make a detour from the scheduled route as I am informed there is construction on Durham St., in Colborne. Some of us are planning to have lunch in Grafton after the ride.

  7. Brian
    A by pass of Durhan st. in Colborne is easy. Coming into Colborne from the south you can go up 25 but the shoulder was real bad with soft sand due to the rains and no bike path for 50% of it. You drop a wheel you will go down 100%
    OR You can go north just as far as Park St ( 300 feet north of #2) and turn right. It is a monster hill and a work out.
    OR The other way is take the first right north of #2 Church St then take Burnham north ( left) and join Park St. half way up the hill that is a little easier.

    You are then on Elgin street, go north to Purdy ( Little Lake rd) go east , ( right) to Hurley rd turn north ( left) to Telephone Rd. Hope this helps and it is real easy

  8. Just a reminder the Tour de France is on OLN starting at 8:30 AM . OLN has cut back on its coverage this year and at this time the 8:30 PM show is not on. So if you are out riding hook up the PVR or the VCR so you don’t miss it.

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