Sunday June 20th Ride (Fathers Day) (50k flat, from Port Hope?)

This coming sunday is Father’s Day. There was some talk after the last ride about going for a distance of about 40-50k this coming Sunday but it’s unclear whether or not many people are able to make it.

In the words of Brian Hedney: “I was thinking that we might wish to consider a 50 km, relatively flat, 50 km ride from Port Hope next Sunday. If we were to start at Gilmer’s Home Hardware, on Toronto Road, we would avoid the climb out of downtown. I could easily put together a relatively flat 50 km route for such a ride. What do you think about the notion of starting in Port Hope? There is a Tim Hortons there with a washroom :)”

Let’s all weigh in with our thoughts about starting in Port Hope. Does a different starting point prevent anybody from joining us? (like transporting bicycles etc.?) If so, perhaps a few generous souls with bicycle carrying capacity might offer assistance, if required?

If a Port Hope start point is too complicated for people, we can stick to Donegan Park.


  1. I am okay with starting in Port Hope, but my itty bitty Honda Civic will only be able to transport one bike (my own) in the trunk of my car.

  2. Well, it looks like there are at least 6 of us so far. So I think that’s enough people to confirm a Port Hope start location. Cool! See you all then.

  3. OK, I will work on a 50 km, relatively flat, route and I will have maps available. The ride will start from Gilmer’s Home Hardware, Toronto Road, Port Hope, at 10:00 AM. Take Highway 401 Exit 461 and drive south for about one kilometre. Gilmer’s Home Hardware is on the east side of Toronto Road. Please park as far away from the store as possible, preferable on the west side of the parking lot adjacent to the road. This starting location avoids the climb out of Port Hope πŸ™‚

    • Of course you can join us, Erin. Most are on road bikes and a some have mountain bikes. There are no restrictions. πŸ™‚ All are welcome and we love to see new faces. We look forward to having you with us!

  4. Start time 10am?
    Is anyone planning to ride to Port Hope from Cobourg? Better yet Baltimore Dale road area?

    • Sure, I’m good to go for the extra distance. I’m located in the Canadian Tire area. Can you suggest a meeting time and place that will allow us to get to Port Hope by 10?

      • CTC around 9:15
        I will confirm this tonight. Heading out for Bancroft right now, and not positive of Return time.

        • Does “CTC” mean Canadian Tire? If so, I’ll be there at 9:15 in the parking lot, near the highway and ready to go.

  5. Maybe we could plan for a rest at the top of Reid road. Then take a quick run up and of course down the Starkville Hill.

  6. Great ride today…fantastic weather and a great group! Thanks Brian for the route and Anita for a great site to bring cyclists together. Cheers!

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