Sunday Nov. 11th: Ride from Grafton or from Cobourg (31km-72km)

It doesn’t get any better for mid-November than Sunny and 15°. But that’s what we’ve got in store. So if you’ve stowed your bike away, go and get it out! If you missed the ride on Thursday (which applies to most people) then you’ll have the opportunity again. It’s the “Grafton East” route with different distances to choose from: 31, 36,  or 51k. You can increase the distance to over 72k by starting in Cobourg at Donegan Park at 9:30 and meeting up with the others in Grafton at 10:00.

Start time: 10:00 in Grafton or (9:30 in Cobourg)
Start location: Grafton Arena
Route map: “Grafton East” route map here
Ride Leader for the Scenic Group: Can someone volunteer?

Please indicate if you plan to start in Cobourg at 9:30 or Grafton at 10:00. Also, please let us know if you are willing/able to lead the Scenic Group. If you have confidence in reading your map directions and would like to ride at a comfortable social pace enjoying the sunshine, you’ll make a great ride leader. (just make sure nobody gets dropped, please)


  1. Perhaps at 11:00, those who are riding might stop and observe a moment of silence to recognize the fact that we have a beautiful, free and safe country for which many paid the ultimate sacrifice.

  2. I plan to ride from Victoria Park after the 11 00 am Rememberance Day ceremonies. My route will go north over the Highway of Heroes and on to Vimy Ridge road. See Jamie’s video April 2011 listed above called Vimy Ridge Thunder Run for details.

      • I am estimating 30 t0 40 k. 30 if we just ride to Vimy 40 if then head up to Cavan and ride back via Ferguson/Racetrack. Access video via link at the top of this website. It is at the very bottom of listed videos.

  3. Bruce, what do you think of doing Paul’s suggested ride after the ceremonies? I really like that idea and can show up for the ceremony prepared to ride from there.

  4. I plan on riding..BUT! 11:00 am is way too late.Most of my day will be spent on the bike and that’s not fair to my family. I will ride from Cobourg to Grafton and meet up with who ever is at Grafton Sports Center, starting at Dunnigan park between 9 and 9:30. I will stop at 11:00 and remember my family members who gave thier lives for us. I hope there will be someone to ride with. If not! Thanks for the year of riding. Cheers!

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