Sunday Oct. 2nd (Ride and BRUNCH at the Best Western)

**A RESERVATION HAS BEEN MADE FOR 12:30, 25 PEOPLE (Under the name Northumberland Hills Cycling Club**

We’re posting this ride early so you can plan ahead.

October is that time of year again when some people might start to find it too chilly to ride, so we’re going to plan our 2nd Annual Ride and Brunch at the Best Western. Their brunch is awesome. (everything from Chinese to roast beef to belgian waffles). If the weather turns out to be really unpleasant we will re-schedule as the day approaches.

The price for brunch is:
$15.95 (+tax)
$12.95 (if you cut out and take with you the coupon that appears in Friday editions of the Northumberland News)
(With groups over 8 people they add the gratuity to the bill).

Reservations are required and will be made according the numbers that RSVP by commenting below. The restaurant fills up very fast on Sundays! Please mention how many will attend.

Everyone is welcome regardless of whether or not you choose to ride beforehand. Bring your partners etc. if you wish, they are also most welcome. Hope everyone can make it!


Start time: 10:00am
Start location: YMCA parking lot
Route: Route to be determined
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin


  1. Please be careful on Crossen road. Very much Gravel at the bottom of the Hill. Myers to Hickerson on the 45 is the scariest part of County road 45.

    • I hadn’t realized that Crossen was part of the route (I just picked out the same route as last year). i’ll probably modify the route prior to the date to avoid Crossen because I really don’t like that gravel.

      • The Gravel is not so bad that you would have to go around. Just don’t go bombing down the hill just to see how fast you can go.
        It is almost scary when you hit the gravel at top speed. Did I say that?
        The Gravel is where the broken Chip seal was. At the Bottom and on the corner.

  2. Since this is long and hilly I’m hoping to start early (9 I think) and take rests…and be sure to have lots of eating time after ! But wanted to make sure that’s okay and/or see if anyone else might want the extra time too.

  3. Weather doesn’t look good……Brunch is on, rain or shine. The ride—well, whoever wants to ride can ride, and if you don’t feel like riding, just come for the brunch!

    We’re going to do a revised route tomorrow, because the original route takes in Speechly Road which is a problem. Meet at the Y and we’ll all leave together from there. We’ll just head down Ontario St., out to the East end of town, down Archers Rd and out toward Wicklow Beach and turning back whenever we want to. This will allow everyone to go whatever distance they want, and allow for shortening the ride as necessary depending on weather.

  4. I’d been planning to start early (9 ish) bc I would need extra time to get finished by 12:30 (thought we we were doing the Miller route – where it’s Crossen with the gravel trouble?) I’m leaning toward still doing that, and if I need to bail I’ll do so before the Ferguson hill climb! That would avoid Crossen and still be about 50 km.

  5. Yes, Maranne I stand corrected….it was Crossen with the gravel problem. (Not Speechly Rd.)

    In any case, given the radar, the wind, the hills, etc., and the time constraints, if we do the route that goes down Ontario and out to Wicklow we’ll be able to turn around at any point if the weather is really bad. There’ll be wind at our backs on the ride home. Also, there’s no “Crossen” with the gravel problem to go down. Faster riders can head out a little further than the slower ones and after the “fasties” turn around we’ll probably all finish the ride together.

  6. I printed out 10 extra coupons for the Brunch.

    Radar shows rain, but it appears to be staying to the southeast of us until about 2:00. We should be safe from rain, but it’s going to be windy.

  7. Holy cow, it’s raining! I wanna ride!

    Randy and I will re-assess the radar at 9:30 because it shows the rain clearing away soon. I’ve got my warm, weather resistant riding gear all on standby and if the rain stops I’ll ride. I’ll keep you posted…..

  8. The rain is passing and the radar picture does not look that risky, although the roads are now very wet, i will go to the Y at 10 and see if anyone else is going for it. Maybe 20 km. or so?

  9. Brendan and I are going to keep an eye on the weather and are heading in to Cobourg with fingers crossed and rain-ready gear. We want to ride!

  10. It’s cold, it’s miserable, the radar shows us escaping the rain only if the weather gods line up everything perfectly for us.

    I’m going to show up at the Y and if anyone is there, I’ll ride with them. If not, I’ll happily go home warm and dry and see everyone at the brunch.

  11. If anyone wants to come over and help with some marking they can ! it’s multiple choice – easy ! (there’s coffee)

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