Sunday, October 30th: Ride to Bewdley and Back

Oops. Made a mistake and originally labelled the ride as “Thursday” when what I really meant was Sunday.

The weather so far says 10° and nothing but sunshine for Sunday’s ride. Again, this route is 54.4 km long, so if you are hoping to shorten it, please print out the map and plan on some alternative short cuts. Still not sure about the condition of Crossen Rd., and so we’ll exercise some caution there on the downhill.

For new riders who are concerned about cold weather: choose  to dress with a few layers that are quick-dry type fabrics. Avoid cotton. Microfibre fleecy shirts work well. Smart Wool socks work great too. And a light windbreaker shell jacket should keep out the breeze that you’ll inevitably create as you ride down the road at 25km per hour.  🙂

Experienced riders—if you have some cold weather riding tips to share, please feel free to do so.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: The Mill Restaurant parking lot
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Route: Bewdley and Back route map here

Please indicate that you will join us for the ride. (It helps us to know how many to expect, plus it’s fun to anticipate and get excited about seeing everyone!)


  1. Thanks again to everybody taking turns staying back with me listening to the whining & complaining – at least I kept the cursing to a minimum. What a gorgeous day. M

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