Sunday Ride (Approx. 50k) Start time: 10:00am

Although not indicated on the map, there are plenty of opportunities for shortening this route as desired. Consistent with the Monday/Wednesday rides we will send people out in packs of 6–8 people. The first pack will be the Non-stoppers, the last pack will be Scenic-Leisurely, and the packs in the middle will be Regular Groups.

We’ll need pack leaders—If you are able to keep a reasonably consistent pace and maintain a safe distance from the pack in front, feel free to volunteer to be a pack leader. We’ll need about 4. (One for Non-stoppers, one for Leisurely and the others for Regular groups)

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route Map: Shelter Valley Route Map here
Pack Leaders:
Non-Stoppers: Vivian Vandenhazel
Regular: Glen Fitchett
Regular: Brian Neale
Scenic/Leisurely: Volunteer needed

Let the volunteering start by commenting below. It helps us do some advance organization.


  1. I won’t be riding with the club because I am going to be cycling earlier in the day with my cousin (the triathelete!) Ask me if I’m intimidated…

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