The NHCC Jerseys are here! Got a few extras if you want one!

If you somehow missed placing your order for a jersey, we took the liberty of ordering a few extra ones. Here’s what we have:

Women Medium (1)
Men Medium (1)
Men Large (2)
Men XLarge (1)

These are available on a first come first serve basis. If you want one they are $65 (taxes in) and you could email Anita and let her know you want one. You’re welcome to try it on for size first if you aren’t sure.

If you ordered a jersey and are not coming to the Cat and Fiddle on Thursday, we’ll just hold on to them until we see ya next! Or you could email Anita and make arrangements to pick them up earlier if you wish.


    • For sure…..if I know in advance that you’ll be at a ride I’ll bring it. If you want it before that you could also pick it up at my house any time.

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