Thursday January 26th: Wings, Jerseys and Brew Ha Ha at the Cat and Fiddle

Sources tell us that our club Jerseys are being shipped next Tuesday via overnight delivery. Mathematically speaking that means that we should have them in our hot little hands the next day. So, how ’bout meeting for Wing Night, Beer, and a little Social Mingling at the Cat and Fiddle in Cobourg? We’ll bring the jerseys with us and you can all take them home….almost like Christmas!

Let us know if you think you’re coming and we’ll make sure they set aside enough space for all.

Time: 6:00pm
Place: The Cat and Fiddle, upstairs (Cobourg)

Speaking of jerseys, here’s one that may be of interest to those who find themselves riding in less than ideal visibility conditions, or you just want to be seen!

The Traffic Master Jersey: “A retina-searing, listerine-for-the-eyes kind of garment that will keep us comfortable, warm and quite visible to our motorist friends during dawn, dusk, night, and when the fog creeps in on cat’s feet” Available from (Just sayin…)


  1. Anita – Don’t forget I would like to have dibbs on a ladies L if there is an extra. Have fun at the Cat and the Fiddle.


    • Hey Brenda,
      Here’s the deal…….there are only 2 extra shirts for Women and they are both size Medium. I’ll set one aside with your name on it and when you get back from Cuba you can see if it fits. If not, then we’ll have to wait till we place another order.

  2. Yup, I’ll be there too but may not be able to make it for dinner as I may be working late. If I can get there by 6:00, I will but otherwise I’ll be there when I can.

  3. Darn this night shift, cant make it. Damn Ben Franklin and his electricity thing, it’s the reason we do these silly shifts.
    Enjoy everyone.

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