Thursday May 26 (41km) from The Mill, 10am

We’re going to meet at The Mill parking lot once again. Note: This is a hilly, challenging route for both the short and the long distances.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: The Mill Restaurant Parking lot
Route map and directions: Click here for the route map.** (**There is a report of an aggressive dog on this route** See the comments section)

UPDATE! Here is an alternative ride that still starts at The Mill: “The Miller Ride”

Long Ride Leader: TBD
Short Ride Leader: if needed, TBD

Please comment below if you are coming and whether you are interested in the short or long route.


    • After getting soaked at the TFC game last night (which was eventually called off) I likely will not come if it is raining.

  1. A little warning here…..Jim Pare went for this very ride today and let me know the following:

    “A couple notes – I found this route very challenging, exceeding my fitness level. The two hill markers on the map are the beginning of a dozen similar hills. The Short Route climbs the first two tough hills, also.

    There is an aggressive, brown Labrador at a house on the north side of Vimy Ridge Rd, between Kennedy & Little Rd (approx 13km). It’s fast, but I was able to outrun it. Sue was behind me and could not. She got off her bike across the road from the dog’s house, put the bike between her and the dog and sternly told the dog to go home. It didn’t seem to mind her – providing she walked – and obeyed.

    Buttar Biezard Rd (22.5km), south of Cavan Rd, can only be ridden with a mountain bike – you will have to go into Planiville and ride a short distance south on Burnham St.”

    So, as an alternative I’d suggest using one of Brian Hedney’s maps “The Miller Ride” that starts at the Mill restaurant and if you do the short route it’s 42km. Click here for the map & directions.


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