Wednesday March 21st: Evening Group Ride: 6:00 Donegan Park

This one is for those of you who are a little afraid of speed and hills so early in the season. We’ll head toward Wicklow Beach. We’re limited by daylight hours, so we ride out for a half hour then turn around and come back. If we’re lucky we’ll make it to the Nuwatin conservation area which is quite nice, before having to turn around. This one’s good for riders of all ability, so come on out. Plus, it’s just plain great to have sunny warm 22° weather for an evening ride, isn’t it?

Start time: 6:00pm
Start location: Donegan Park, Cobourg
Route: Waterfront trail toward Wicklow Beach and back

Please mention below if you are coming.


  1. I’m riding!
    Beter have lots of water in your bottles… man (CTV) says 26° and humidex of 30°. They must be lying.

  2. At 7:30 there is still plenty of Light. Head lamps are needed a markers not visual aids. Some arm warmers or a cycling cap under your helmet to help keep some warmth in your body when down by the lake.

  3. planning to come but have to pick my daughter up from work at 5:30…then get her home, if she
    finishes on time will not be an issue, otherwise please don’t wait for me!

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