Welcome to our new website!

Hello everyone! Hopefully you will find that a website will help us to share information and ideas with each other. As we know, we are not a cycling “club” yet, but we certainly are linked together through common interests: cycling, getting and staying fit, and sharing interesting rides with new friends. Please feel free to make comments, and provide input into just about anything you wish. If you have any ideas about what should be on this website, please feel free to comment below.


  1. Great job Anita!
    This is exactly what this group needed in order to communicate ride details.
    Hope everyone makes good use of this site and contributes to its content.


  2. This is very impressive Anita. Congratulations!! You’ll be giving Brian Hedney a run for his money next AND since you have done such an outstanding job you may just be stuck with the job for some time.

  3. We had talked about dogs chasing cyclists on Danforth and here are the 2 addresses 9464 and 9592. The number to call is 905- 885-7808 ask for Ross 9464 Danforth is a Doberman and 9592 is a large dog, both come out on the road and are very aggressive. Thanks for calling this in. The more calls, the more likely action will be taken.

  4. Hey Anita,
    Just adding my atta-girls to the chorus! Thanks for all your efforts – site looks great and it’s nice that we can add to it!

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